Epilepsy Society: Ben Nevis Trek 2016



Big Nev!

We did it! We scaled the top of Ben Nevis all in the aid of Epilepsy Society. We started our ascent at 8:45am with little idea of what awaited us getting to the top of Britain’s highest mountain.

In terms of the route, it actually wasn’t too bad on the legs or body, well for me personally, although I’m sure to some it is quite challenging on their body. There’s a lot of steps more than climbs, but it’s all worth it once you do reach the top of the summit. What I really liked about the trek was the friendliness amongst everyone, as people would spur you to go on further and ask if you’re doing okay. It felt like one giant team effort between everyone going up and down Nevis.

I guess the biggest challenge was the unknown, not knowing what muscles would be put under strain and pressure. Coming down was really harsh on my ankles, but I had to push on through the pain barrier. Nothing was going to stop me coming down!

Ben Nevis

At the summit of Ben Nevis.

Even though the trek is completed, our Justgiving page is still open for donations, so if you wish to donate some spare change, it would be hugely appreciated for all the effort and hard work we put into this for Epilepsy Society. We’re already looking to do the other two peaks in Britain, so stay tuned for more on that.

The Detail Review

The Detail

Episodic games are a popular format of titles recently, having played most of Telltale’s series and recently reviewing Blues and Bullets. I’m very familiar with the idea of having to wait to find out how a game’s plot continues. The Detail almost plays like a detective TV series, think CSI but told with a graphic novel art style.

You’ll have to solve the mystery of crimes and make difficult moral decisions throughout each episode. I played the first three episodes of this, rather than doing individual posts for each episode, it made more sense to put it all into one post.


My day at i57 2

Insomnia 57

I’ve not been to many gaming conventions in my life and part of that comes down to not having the money to go and finding the time to travel down. Luckily though, i57 came at the right time at the back end of March. I went into the event kind of knowing what to expect. Lots of games, tournaments and online celebrities holding their own stage shows.

When we first arrived, we went to have a look around the various exhibitions from stores to games such as Quantum Break on show at the Xbox booth. As expected with most of these things, there was a lot of queuing, which did make some things very frustrating, especially as you had to wait quite a while. I think because we went on Saturday it was probably the busiest day of them three and the fact that the pub quiz was on Saturday night, it was quite an attraction for those over 18.


We then went to the Razer show where they were handing out free goodies to those sat in the crowd. Unfortunately we missed out on a seat, but took a standing position at the back to get a glimpse of online YouTubers Syndicate and MiniLadd. Since I got my partner into YouTube, these have always been her two favourite YouTubers, so she was pretty excited to see them in person to say the least. Although she did make fun of Syndicate’s small height.

We then went back around the exhibition floor, ready for Syndicate’s talk about YouTube and how he evolved into the world of vlogging. It was pretty hard to hear exactly what he was saying with all the hustle and bustle of the other exhibitors, but it still gathered a lot of viewers. As for the exhibitors on show, there was Asus, Razer, PlayStation 4, Xbox, GAME and many other big gaming brands there. I had a look around most of their stands, but I think the busiest was Syndicate Original and Razer. But props to GAME for their pirate ship display!

Overall the day was pretty spectacular and having lunch at TGI Friday’s made it all the more better, despite the busy service and slightly below their standard food. And a quick hotel review. We stayed at the Arden Hotel which was about 10 minutes from the NEC venue. We were provided a helpful and splendid service from the staff, including directions to the arena, as the underpass and bridge over the railway were closed on the day. The food was decent and we even had some spare spending money to pay for breakfast in our room the next morning.

Overall, I would say my i57 experience was pretty good. I could have got involved in more things, but as my first event in a long while, it was definitely worth the effort and money getting here. I’d definitely like to go again and next time I might even sign up to a few things, just to enhance my experience there.

Game sales: Are they worth it?

Steam Winter Sale

Today marks the launch of Steam’s Winter Sale, something Valve have become particularly known for in terms of game sales. Although, they regularly do weekly sales on select titles, the winter and summer sales offer some of the best deals usually. So there’s a lot of competition between titles and fetching a good price.

This year’s winter sale appears to have launched quite weak with titles like the Stalker franchise with 50% off. It also seems like a lot of titles are being repeated in each sale. At the end of the day, I guess it’s like an online retailer, they recycle sale items over and over again. Amazon do it regularly, putting the same product on sale a number of times throughout the year. They just have such a large catalogue of products to go through that you rarely probably actually see it for yourself.

I personally love the Steam Winter Sale, not just for the game choices and great prices, but also for the community and trading cards bought with it. You’ll probably see the Xbox and PlayStation Store come out with some festive deals soon too if they haven’t done so already.

I guess my main concern is are they actually offering us deals when you determine how old some of these titles are and the worth of them. I can definitely say for some of them they aren’t actually deals, for example I can see Fallout 4 listed on today’s at £39.99. That to me isn’t a deal at all, but just a way to get more people to buy the title, which is already one of the most popular Steam titles.

What are your thoughts on game sales? Do you regularly buy from them and wait for titles to go on sale?

Empire TV Tycoon review

Empire TV Tycoon

Ever thought of owning your own television network like Sky or ABC, well you can do exactly that in Empire TV Tycoon. Organise your TV schedule for each day, hire staff members to carry your network forward and create your own productions. I’ve always been a fan of tycoon games, but I’ve never played a TV network one before, so it was interesting to play something different.

You’re the person in charge, so all the executive decisions come from you. A key skill to Empire TV Tycoon is understanding your metrics. You want to place the top rated TV shows and movies in the highest viewing moments, which are shown on your TV schedule. If you want to generate revenue it all comes down to managing your advertisements during these busy periods. The more ads you place throughout the day, the more you’ll earn. So a combination of both good movies and TV shows, combined with advertisements will have you on the road to success.

Empire TV Tycoon

This elevator gets used a lot.

In turn, you’ll be able to spend points based on your Fame rating to upgrade your TV station, from a bigger movie library to live TV, there are a wealth of upgrades to progress into. If you do happen to run out of money, you can always hit the canteen and borrow some money in the form of a loan. I had to do this on my first playthrough due to spending too much on higher rated movies.

I would say the most enjoyment has to be creating your own productions. You hire a scriptwriter, pick a genre such as romance and they produce a certain quality of script. If you want the next big thing like The Walking Dead, I suggest upgrading your scriptwriter a number of times. Once you’ve got past this stage, it’s now time to pick the actors for the show. Getting the bigger names is probably most desirable, but sometimes you can bring through emerging talent and make a star out of them. It really all depends on your quality of script and how many points you spend into the production elements at the end. Do you focus on make-up and costumes over special effects, this will be the one of the decisions you have to make.

You’ll also have to get to know your audience metrics. When kids watch you want movies and shows which are friendly to them, not to mention adverts which appeal to them. Think about it? Do you see perfume adverts on CBBC? This just shows you how much you need to think about your choices of shows and adverts, as you have to consider your audience times. You’ll want more beauty adverts on at later times.

Another thing to consider is freshness of shows, as you don’t want to keep scheduling the same stuff day after day. You need to wait a while before showing the same film or show again. The freshness rating will regenerate over time, but try to keep variation going throughout each day. If you want to spice things up trying to western genre films for a whole day, just for a bit of fun.

Empire TV Tycoon

Know your audience!

I haven’t managed to make any high end TV shows or movies yet of my own, but hopefully soon I’ll be onto a winner. If you do manage to make something on this game let me know in the comments below and let’s celebrate! There’s also an award ceremony every few days, so you can try and enter something for them. You’ll also notice a few random objectives pop up such as run a modern sci-fi movie at 22:00, which is something to keep your eyes peeled for. They’re fairly easy to miss if you don’t pay attention to your messages, as are most messages.

All in all, I have to say Empire TV Tycoon is fairly addictive and works very similarly to Game Dev Tycoon once you start trying to make your own productions, which I think is the bulk of the game. Organising your schedule kind of comes naturally, but I wish you can forecast for the week ahead rather than the day.

Score: 78%


  • Plenty of dynamic events occur throughout
  • Quite addictive
  • Very much like Game Dev Tycoon when you get to creating your own productions


  • Very quickly run out of money if don’t know how to play
  • Can’t schedule TV shows and movies for the week

Why I love gaming fan art

By zhangc.

By zhangc.

I’ve always been creative, but never possessed the skills to do anything artistic in terms of drawing. Sure, I can design logos and the basic design work, but when it comes to doing something scratch like a concept piece, my skills lack. I’ve always admired gaming fan art and the artists that do these pieces, as they not only look fantastic but show a passion for a game franchise.


The freedom of cooking

Stir fry chicken

I’ve recently tried to take more of an interest in cooking again and I for one love trying out new recipes. There’s something refreshing about going around the supermarket or local market buying fresh ingredients you probably wouldn’t buy on your normal weekly shop.

That’s exactly what I discovered last weekend, when we attempted to create a chicken stir fry with rainbow vegetables, soy sauces and Chinese five-spice. I’m always looking for new recipes online and my partner recently found this one through her Slimming World. It’s also Syn-free, which is a bonus for those of you that are on the slimming diet. We’re now obsessed with stir fry meals, which is surprising when I’m not a particular fan of too much veg, but I’ve found it mixes in fairly well with your choice of meat and egg noodles. We also had a go at using beef, which was just as tasty as using chicken.



Slimming World Chicken Stir Fry

I’m truly delighted that I’ve gained my interest for cooking again and hopefully it will last this time. Especially as winter is drawing nearer and I’m more likely to be trapped indoors because of the cold, dark nights.

Social media becomes most popular online activity

Social media logos

In an article published today by The Guardian, it claims social media has become the most popular online activity overtaking entertainment. In the UK alone, social media accounts for almost a fifth of the two hours and 51 minutes a day people in the UK on average spend on the web.

It’s no surprise either, as social media can be dipped in and out of a lot more easily, whereas watching a YouTube video or listening to music through iTunes is more time consuming. I know for a fact when I’m on the train, I open up Twitter and have literally a quick 1-2 minute scroll through my feed to read anything of interest. Our habits are changing rapidly and we’re becoming more socially connected online.

Entertainment has fallen significantly by almost a half from 22.1% to 12.4%, which may seem surprising when most of us also watch videos and listen to music, as well as use social media. The choice of platform is also intriguing, as on mobile devices, social media accounts for more than 20% of time spent, compared to under 10% on desktop. Games are also growing in popularity 8.6% spent on mobiles, compared to 2.3% on desktop.

These figures might not shock a lot of you, but I guess the profound point to pick out from this is that we’re becoming attached to social media a lot more. It’s become something of an everyday routine checking your Facebook and Twitter feed. Not to mention websites like Reddit, which are also increasing in popularity. It’s kind of scary how much we’re using it actually because not many of us seem to be aware of our usage.

How much on average do you use social media a day?

(Closed) Giveaway: 5 copies of The Deer God on Steam 7

The Deer God giveaway

It’s not often that I have giveaways on here, but I’m trying to branch this out into new areas and one of them is PC gaming, as you know I run Complete Xbox, as an Xbox dedicated website. So I’ll be popping up reviews and giveaways for PC related hardware and video games here.

I’ve got 5 Steam keys for The Deer God to giveaway, where I’ll be choosing five lucky users from the comments section.

Just leave a comment below telling me why you think you deserve a copy of the game below. I’ll contact winners on Friday 4th September.

The Deer God is a breathtaking 3D pixel art adventure that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills. It’s a game about survival, reincarnation, and karma; all set in a breathtaking and unique 3D pixelized world. Feast your eyes on the beautiful lighting, day and night system, and vast landscapes. Become one of the most beautiful animals on planet earth.

Best of luck!

This giveaway is now closed!

YouTube Gaming – Competition arrives for Twitch at last

YouTube Gaming

Competition drives success out of companies, especially when they know they’re not the only ones in the market and they need to innovate in order to compete with one another. That’s not to say Twitch hasn’t done that over the past few years, as the platform has over 11,000 partnered streams and over 1 million broadcasters on its platform, but YouTube Gaming will be looking to steal over some of those gamers today with its launch.

So what does YouTube Gaming have that Twitch doesn’t? For starters it has a DVR Mode allowing broadcasters to rewind their stream for the past four hours. Most Twitch broadcasters also upload highlights from their streams straight to YouTube, by being apart of the same platform, YouTube Gaming will make that process quicker and when everything is under one roof it’s a lot easier.

It will also launch a Companion app for mobile, so you can access live streams on the move. I’ve seen quite a lot of people in cafés and on the train watching live videos on Twitch, so it’s crucial that this is included.

There will also be a subscribe button separate to your YouTube channel, so it’s almost like an entire new page, except you’ll be able to display your YouTube videos on your channel too. YouTube could be onto a winner with keeping videos and live streams in one place, as everyone uses YouTube video.

I like the idea of YouTube gaming, but it will all come down to support in the end. Do gamers really want another streaming platform right now? I’ll be checking it out later today.