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Plans for 2017

First of all I would like to apologise, as I feel like I’ve neglected my blog towards the end of this year, which is such a shame. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with people on internet, so it

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Epilepsy Society: Ben Nevis Trek 2016

  We did it! We scaled the top of Ben Nevis all in the aid of Epilepsy Society. We started our ascent at 8:45am with little idea of what awaited us getting to the top of Britain’s highest mountain. In

The Detail Review

The Detail Review

Reviews Jun 12, 2016

Episodic games are a popular format of titles recently, having played most of Telltale’s series and recently reviewing Blues and Bullets. I’m very familiar with the idea of having to wait to find out how a game’s plot continues. The

My day at i57

My day at i57

Blog Mar 28, 2016

I’ve not been to many gaming conventions in my life and part of that comes down to not having the money to go and finding the time to travel down. Luckily though, i57 came at the right time at the

Game sales: Are they worth it?

Today marks the launch of Steam’s Winter Sale, something Valve have become particularly known for in terms of game sales. Although, they regularly do weekly sales on select titles, the winter and summer sales offer some of the best deals

Empire TV Tycoon review

Ever thought of owning your own television network like Sky or ABC, well you can do exactly that in Empire TV Tycoon. Organise your TV schedule for each day, hire staff members to carry your network forward and create your

Why I love gaming fan art

I’ve always been creative, but never possessed the skills to do anything artistic in terms of drawing. Sure, I can design logos and the basic design work, but when it comes to doing something scratch like a concept piece, my

The freedom of cooking

I’ve recently tried to take more of an interest in cooking again and I for one love trying out new recipes. There’s something refreshing about going around the supermarket or local market buying fresh ingredients you probably wouldn’t buy on

Social media becomes most popular online activity

In an article published today by The Guardian, it claims social media has become the most popular online activity overtaking entertainment. In the UK alone, social media accounts for almost a fifth of the two hours and 51 minutes a day people

(Closed) Giveaway: 5 copies of The Deer God on Steam

It’s not often that I have giveaways on here, but I’m trying to branch this out into new areas and one of them is PC gaming, as you know I run Complete Xbox, as an Xbox dedicated website. So I’ll