State of Decay: Surviving a zombie apocalypse – hints and tips

If you’ve been playing a lot of Undead Labs’ State of Decay recently, you’ll know that it’s quite a task to keep up with the day-to-day running of your survival camp, as well as ensuring your group’s safety. We have a few tips to prevent your camp from being overrun by flesh-eating zombies and to keep your group happy.

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What is it that makes The Walking Dead game feel special?

I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead franchise, since the very first comic book was released and my passion didn’t stop there. I’ve read every comic book out so far and I’ve watched all three series on TV, including those mini-webisodes online. As soon as I heard that there was a game coming out, I instantly knew that it was going to be a success, not just because it was a franchise I loved, but also because it was well suited to be made into a game.

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FM13: Vauxhall Motors speeding to glory #2

Here’s my latest update for the team, which has played very well recently placing us into third place after 25 games. In all honesty, I believe we can grab that first place. I’m very happy with the way things are going and hopefully on my next update, I’ll be able to tell you that we’re first in the table.

The team itself, I’m very happy with and couldn’t ask for any more from them. Michael Burns is our topscorer with about 13 goals and he’s almost outscored all of our strikers put together. I signed him to a new contract because If I didn’t, he would have been poached from me. My midfielders are clearly key to this team, as Frazer Cobb and Jonathan Williams have also been banging in goals from about 20+ yards out. I’m currently facing a predicament with my striker selection, as they don’t seem to be scoring many goals, but Anthony Wright always seems to grab a late winner for us. As for my second striker, I can’t choose between Vadaine Oliver on loan from Lincoln or my very own Craig Mahon. I think Oliver scored 3 goals in his first game for us, so for now I’ve been selecting him, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

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FM13: Vauxhall Motors speeding to glory #1

I thought I’d wait until the official release of Football Manager 2013, before starting my season write-up on Vauxhall Motors, so here we go. As you can tell I went with the Motormen again this year, mainly due to their restrictive wage budget and their media prediction was rock bottom of the Blue Square Bet North table.

I had the beta for about 2 weeks before release, so I’ve moved on into the season a bit, to be more exact I’m sat on 13th December 2012 in 9th place on 28 points.

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FM 2012: Talented youth players

Over the next month or so I’ll be writing a series of new features exclusively for my website. I will be offering some important Footballer Manager 2012 tips. These tips will range from tactical formations to scouting talented players. But first we’ll be looking at youth players and by that I mean players under the age of 21.

Discovering youth players

Finding decent youth players for your team can be quite a challenge at first, especially when you play as a team without an academy or an adequate youth facility to bring through home-grown players or buy youth players from other teams. The first thing you’ll want to do is find a decent scout who has a great knowledge of players.. In order to save money, you’re best off looking at scouts who share knowledge across more than three countries. It also depends upon your wage budget and the reputation of your club. It’s no good going for a Barcelona scout when you’re playing as AFC Wimbledon. You’ve got to think realistically with your new staff additions and player signings.

Don’t forget to set conditions with your scouting assignments too. I usually put the age between 15 and 21 and then look for players with a potential of 3 stars or above. If you’re playing for Arsenal or Juventus, you might want to set your potential higher, since you’ll need a range of players in ability.


You now have your new youth signing and want to turn him into the next big superstar for your team. In order to develop your player efficiently you need to set up a training regime for your new player. To get the most out of your youth signing you’ll need to set the training workload to high and look at what attributes need improving. Strikers should stick to working on their composure and finishing, whilst defenders need to work on tackling, marking and positioning. If you ever get stuck, try asking your youth coach for some advice, as they will provide you with their recommendation.

There’s also no harm in tutoring your player with a senior player. Most of your senior team will be delighted to tutor your youth players, as will they. This can prove to be a really good method for developing your youth players, but it really comes down to their relationship. If your youth player is very similar to your senior player, then they;ll be a great match and the combination will work superbly.


Another great way to develop your player quickly is by sending them out on loan. Never forget to look at the club’s youth facilities before loaning them there, as you don’t want your future star joining a team without a youth facility. The better the youth facility is, the quicker your player will develop. Not only will it be fast, but also successful, as they’ll improve his most important attributes for his position. I tried this with Tom Thacker from Lincoln City, who I sent out on loan to Gillingham in League 2. I usually try to aim to loan my players to a higher league club or a club with better facilities than mine. When Thacker returned at the end of the season he was more accomplished in his position at right back.

I would also recommend getting a variety of feeder clubs in different leagues if you can because then you have a range of leagues to send your youths out to. Try searching for feeder teams that have a range of facility levels. If you have a youth player with low potential only send them out to a smaller feeder team. If you have the next Messi in your hands, it’s best off sending them to a large reputation team such as Manchester United.

Don’t sell

Lastly, never sell your decent youth players. It may be an easy way to make some cash, but you’ll regret the decision when you see your former player performing well at his new club. I’m sure Barcelona will tell you this, but developing your own players is often the best way to create a successful team.


New Year and a new age

We’re now in the year of 2012 and who knows what it will hold. Only time will tell I suppose. Not only was it New Year over the festive holiday, but it was also my 19th birthday. Remember it’s only a number!

For my birthday I treated myself to a new 32″ Samsung LED-backlit TV, which is working superbly with my Xbox 360 and DVD player. The next thing on my list now is a Blueray player. I also got a copy of Batman Arkham City, which has a gripping storyline and features all of my favourite Batman villains.

I haven’t actually set a New Year’s resolution, but I suppose one I should really work towards is helping out more around the house or maybe saving my money more, so I can eventually buy myself a new car.

Finally I’d just like to wish everyone a great 2012 and let’s hope the world doesn’t end in the manner the film does.


0: Top 10 free Christmas apps – Restaurant Story: Christmas

Restaurant Story: Christmas is a game which works in a similar fashion to the likes of Facebook favourites Restaurant City and Cafe World. It is your role to run a food outlet and serve customers, in order to gain money and XP, in which you’ll progress as a restaurant.

The game may not have sophisticated graphics and animation, but it does just enough to deliver a great experience without the spoils. The large content basis is what really gives this game the longevity it deserves, as it will have you playing up until the New Year.

There’s even a festive menu available including turkey and duck and if that’s not enough for you, there are Christmas decorations to make your restaurant get into the festive spirit.

You can download the full app here.


1: Top 10 free Christmas apps – Doodle Fill – Merry Christmas

Doodle Fill – Merry Christmas is an addictive puzzle game, which involves filling the blank shapes in with different colours. The only catch to this game is that none the shapes can have matching colours if they’re next to one enough.

It’s very easy to start with, but once you get past the first twenty or so levels, the game takes a step up in difficulty. Once again, it’s another game where you’re against the clock, which can pile on a lot of pressure when you’re on the more difficult levels.

So how is this exactly Christmas themed? Well, there’s Christmas wrapping paper used for the different colour effects and there’s also some festive music playing whilst you solve each level.

I’ve spent a good hour on it so far and got to level 22, so have a go and see if you can beat that.

Download the full app here.



2: Top 10 free Christmas apps – Yeti Town

Welcome to Yeti Town – a town full of fun and addictive puzzles, in which you can compete with your friends to build the best looking town by combining matching scenery together.

By planning your combinations of 3 or more matching items you can create some wonderful combinations such as a winter-themed log cabin or you could play it simple and combine three saplings together to make a tree. The choice is completely yours, but choose wisely for the best creations.

It’s also a race against the clock, as the Yetis will invade your town and attempt to foil your plans, so you have to always keep an eye on what’s happening in your town.

This game uses 3D tilt control, which makes the game unique to other games available on the app store. There’s also some great visuals on-screen, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Download Yeti Town here.


3: Top 10 free Christmas apps – Christmas Story

This is a game about a boy called Gingerboy and his team, who are struggling to meet the demands of Christmas. He needs your help to ensure every child will receive their presents and have a happy Christmas this year.

It’s your job to run the store and cater to every child and sell them the right toys they want. In a way it’s similar to Diner Dash, but you’re gathering presents to give to the your customers, who are children.

Don’t leave any child unattended, otherwise they’ll start to cry and you’ll lose out on money and experience points. All of this is made by possible by hiring new staff members in the store, buying new equipment and upgrading it and finally, making sure your customers are happy.

It’s a race against time and it during the later levels, you’ll start to struggle against the waves of children entering the store. However, it is entertaining and has a lot to offer in regards to content, as there’s a whole list of items and unlocks as you progress.

You can download the game here.