The Detail Review

The Detail

Episodic games are a popular format of titles recently, having played most of Telltale’s series and recently reviewing Blues and Bullets. I’m very familiar with the idea of having to wait to find out how a game’s plot continues. The Detail almost plays like a detective TV series, think CSI but told with a graphic novel art style.

You’ll have to solve the mystery of crimes and make difficult moral decisions throughout each episode. I played the first three episodes of this, rather than doing individual posts for each episode, it made more sense to put it all into one post.

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Empire TV Tycoon review

Empire TV Tycoon

Ever thought of owning your own television network like Sky or ABC, well you can do exactly that in Empire TV Tycoon. Organise your TV schedule for each day, hire staff members to carry your network forward and create your own productions. I’ve always been a fan of tycoon games, but I’ve never played a TV network one before, so it was interesting to play something different.

You’re the person in charge, so all the executive decisions come from you. A key skill to Empire TV Tycoon is understanding your metrics. You want to place the top rated TV shows and movies in the highest viewing moments, which are shown on your TV schedule. If you want to generate revenue it all comes down to managing your advertisements during these busy periods. The more ads you place throughout the day, the more you’ll earn. So a combination of both good movies and TV shows, combined with advertisements will have you on the road to success.

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Maggie film review


I recently heard about the film Maggie on Twitter, as one of my followers was describing it as The Last of Us, but in film format. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film is set during a zombie apocalypse in the US, with medical facilities and the law still intact. Much of society still remains, but the infection is slowly spreading and the attention is on a girl called Maggie.

The contrast between other zombie films shows straight from the off, as the pace is slow and there’s hardly a sense of threat when a zombie does appear on-screen. You might jump a little at the sight of them, but I would say the biggest threat is Arnie’s daughter called Maggie. The film revolves around the emotions and attachment of family members when someone is bitten and you guessed it, Maggie is infected and slowly dying. You can probably already guess how the film is going to end and it isn’t happily as a clue.

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A film for the kid’s this Easter: Home

Dreamworks' Home

Easter is often a time when spending time with the kids is likely to be plentiful and more often than not it tends to rain, so finding things to do can be difficult. I have to recommend a good trip to the cinema though and this Easter’s popular film to watch seems to be Home, after raking in an estimated $54 million over its opening weekend.

After releasing on March 20th, Home follows a little purple alien named Oh, who is voiced by The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. His species known as the Boov are looking to relocate on a new planet and it just so happens Earth is ideal. While exploring this new planet, Oh encounters a girl named Tip (Rihanna), who’s managed to hide away from the aliens during the human relocation process. However, Oh’s clumsiness and troublesome antics put his species at risk, as he sends a party invite out to the enemies of the Boov known as the Gorg. With little time remaining, Oh sets off with Tip to go find her mother whilst trying to save the Boov and human race from the Gorg.

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Fifty Shades of Grey film review


Not something I expected myself to be writing about, but date night involved drinks and a trip to the local cinema to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. A film, which revolves around the world of the dominant and submissive. For some it may be an eye opener, but I think for most it was a sense of intrigue to go watch something so profound.

Mr Grey, the dominant in the relationship meets a journalism student called Anastasia. After bagging an interview with the successful Christian Grey, Ana’s best friend Kate is sick to conduct the interview herself, so sends Ana along in her place. Straight from the outset, there’s a chemistry between the two characters, as Ana battles with Mr Grey for control of the interview, which leaves her feeling flustered, as Christian takes control of the situation.

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Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Xbox One review

I’ve never really been a fan of space combat games, unless you count Star Wars Battlefront, which does feature a couple of space battles. But other than that, there’s just something that doesn’t really appeal to me about fighting in a massive vacuum that is space. Sure they can fill it with ruined ships and a bunch of enemy ships trying to kill you, but it doesn’t change the fact that the back drop used is just darkness with the odd occasional passing star or planet. It’s also a genre which is in decline, so does Strike Suit Zero conquer it?

Strike Suit Zero originally began life as a Kickstarter project, so it’s probably quite surprising that it has even released when you consider so many projects get the backing they need and then fail to materialise into the vision that was initially set. The studio behind it, Born Ready are one of few developers left working on this genre, which has certainly been in decline for the past couple of years, probably for the reasons stated above.

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Thief Xbox One review

Thief is a much needed revival of the Thief series, which many fans of the franchise will take with open arms. It may not be the Thief 4 that many fans were hoping for, but it does however show some of the capabilities of the Xbox One, in particular relation to the appearance of lighting and shadows within the game, which forms a large proportion of the gameplay mechanics.

Stealth is the core mechanic behind the title as you play as master thief Garrett, a mysterious character who plays a role similar to Robin Hood, stealing from the rich but for his own gain. The plot doesn’t really thicken much more, other than what you already know from the start.  The only other addition to the storyline is that there’s some bad guy who goes by the name of ‘The Baron’ is out to stop your stealing ways and a suspicious journey as you learn about your former apprentice Erin.

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Xbox One review

If there’s ever a time when Assassin’s Creed needed a boot in a new direction, Black Flag takes that exact direction heading out to the open next-gen seas with a solid crew and pirate ship. I think it’s fair to say that the franchise had gone a little stale with the whole idea of the animus and jumping between your present self and your ancestors in the past. Sure you’re still doing this, but it’s the past which holds a new image.

Think Sid Meier’s Pirates or that Pirates of the Caribbean game you’ve always wanted. The game is full of possibilities and there’s so much to explore in this huge Caribbean open world. Lush green forests, desert islands filled with pirate booty and a whole ocean which is just waiting to gobble you up in one storm. That’s just to name a few. You’ll really be taken by surprise at how different this Assassin’s Creed title looks.

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Review: FIFA 14

Over the next couple of months there are a lot of titles releasing for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, one of these is FIFA 14. A football title which has dominated for some time over Pro Evolution Soccer and will be the first title to take a step over to the next-gen world. The most difficult choice faced by many is whether you’ll be willing to fork out £45 for a 360 copy, whilst knowing a better next-gen version will launch in a few months time. Hopefully this review will answer that for anyone in a similar situation.

On start-up, the first thing that will greet you is the new interface, tiles now replace the previously used sliders on the main menu. It’s a much-needed fresh appearance and is certainly one of the standout features in the game, as the gameplay only has a few minor tweaks and nothing too major. That might sound pretty bad, but you have to remember that the next-gen version promises so much more and EA Sports are clearly onto a winning formula with their gameplay. I would argue that the gameplay is slightly worse than FIFA 13′s.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto V

The biggest game to launch this year and for some time I would say, after amassing $1 billion worth of sales in just three days, Grand Theft Auto V is finally here, emerging from all the hype but was it for something special?

Paying a visit to Los Santos are the three main characters: Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Franklin carries a lot of resemblances to CJ from San Andreas, with his gangster appearance and looking to be his own man. While Michael has his own problems concerning his family who are always at his throat for some stupid stunt he’s just pulled. Trevor on the other hand seems to be the psychotic one of the group, with his erratic behaviour and violent outbursts. It’s safe to say that you probably wouldn’t find these three being friends in the real world, but it seems to work for GTA V.

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