The Deer God giveaway

(Closed) Giveaway: 5 copies of The Deer God on Steam

The Deer God giveaway

It’s not often that I have giveaways on here, but I’m trying to branch this out into new areas and one of them is PC gaming, as you know I run Complete Xbox, as an Xbox dedicated website. So I’ll be popping up reviews and giveaways for PC related hardware and video games here.

I’ve got 5 Steam keys for The Deer God to giveaway, where I’ll be choosing five lucky users from the comments section.

Just leave a comment below telling me why you think you deserve a copy of the game below. I’ll contact winners on Friday 4th September.

The Deer God is a breathtaking 3D pixel art adventure that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills. It’s a game about survival, reincarnation, and karma; all set in a breathtaking and unique 3D pixelized world. Feast your eyes on the beautiful lighting, day and night system, and vast landscapes. Become one of the most beautiful animals on planet earth.

Best of luck!

This giveaway is now closed!


YouTube Gaming – Competition arrives for Twitch at last

YouTube Gaming

Competition drives success out of companies, especially when they know they’re not the only ones in the market and they need to innovate in order to compete with one another. That’s not to say Twitch hasn’t done that over the past few years, as the platform has over 11,000 partnered streams and over 1 million broadcasters on its platform, but YouTube Gaming will be looking to steal over some of those gamers today with its launch.

So what does YouTube Gaming have that Twitch doesn’t? For starters it has a DVR Mode allowing broadcasters to rewind their stream for the past four hours. Most Twitch broadcasters also upload highlights from their streams straight to YouTube, by being apart of the same platform, YouTube Gaming will make that process quicker and when everything is under one roof it’s a lot easier.

It will also launch a Companion app for mobile, so you can access live streams on the move. I’ve seen quite a lot of people in cafés and on the train watching live videos on Twitch, so it’s crucial that this is included.

There will also be a subscribe button separate to your YouTube channel, so it’s almost like an entire new page, except you’ll be able to display your YouTube videos on your channel too. YouTube could be onto a winner with keeping videos and live streams in one place, as everyone uses YouTube video.

I like the idea of YouTube gaming, but it will all come down to support in the end. Do gamers really want another streaming platform right now? I’ll be checking it out later today.


Come check out my Twitch channel

Twitch TazooMilkshake

Just a quick update about my Twitch channel called TazooMilkshake. I’ve done a few test streams throughout the week now and think I have everything in place. Obviously if I’m streaming through Xbox, I can’t use OBS, but I have a few PC titles to try out. I just hope my connection holds out for them.

As of yet, I’ve only had a few issues using OBS such as getting the follower alert to pop up, but everything else is going great. I love the platform and what’s even better is that it’s free. My internet seems to be doing alright on the mid range bitrate, so I’ll have to wait and see about that because I know for a fact at about 6pm it will probably drop significantly.

I also have my charity live stream almost setup, so hopefully I can do that soon for Cancer Research UK. I have the stream schedule being updated with a few new titles I’ve obtained over the past week. I’d love to work with some companies during this live stream, so get in touch with me at if you’re interested in getting involved.

That’s all for now. Chow!


Cancer Research UK 24 Hour Live Stream

Cancer Research UK 24 Hour Charity Live Stream.

On a Saturday coming soon, I will be live streaming on for 24 hours on a variety of Xbox One titles. All this effort will be made for Cancer Research UK, as I want to do something for my nan, who sadly passed away from cancer many years ago. I’ve set up a Justgiving page here.

She was one of the nicest people in my life and I felt lost without her when she passed away. I had been with her throughout the entire stage of it being found to her last day spent in the hospice. It was truly upsetting and I hope that one day a cure is found for cancer, as it affects so many peoples’ lives.

I have a list of Xbox One titles for my schedule including:

  • Super Mega Baseball
  • How To Survive
  • FIFA 15
  • Battlefield 4
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Far Cry 4
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • The Bridge
  • Plus some I want to keep secret until the day

I haven’t set a date yet, as I want to plan this carefully where I dedicate the whole day to it. But I will give plenty of advanced notice when I have a date decided.

I’d like to thank everyone in advance for their support and if you donate that’s even more awesome. Let’s raise some money for a good cause!

So my live stream link is here and my Justgiving page to donate is here.


The YouTube culture

Ever since I started following the YouTube culture, I’ve grown ever more interested in becoming involved myself. Many of the broadcasters these days feel like a friend, as they share just about their whole life with you via social media such as Twitter and Instagram. I woke up this morning and went over to Snapchat to find out that Syndicate had a Swegway and was perfecting his coordination on it. It’s pretty amazing actually to think that before we never knew anything about celebrities until it was in the newspaper, but now we can open our phone and see Calvin Harris chilling in the pool.

YouTube stars are nearing the scale of celebrities like Tom Cruise these days, with many having a following all around the world. As a part of the job, it’s common for YouTubers to travel between countries for various promotions. It’s a strange feeling to know someone so well without ever even meeting them, but that’s the connection I feel with many YouTubers.

I try to keep my subscriptions fresh by keeping a lookout for new talent and I always find myself moving away from one channel and coming back at a later time. Some channels definitely go stale, which is why as a full time job, it’s their role to come up with new ideas and play new titles of interest. I have to admit that I do get bored after a while if the YouTuber plays the same title in every video.

The YouTube celebrity status is just about on par with standard celebrities now, with female YouTube star “Zoella” recently appearing in a series of TV shows. It also appears that a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon and using video creators to promote content. I recently saw Ant-Man team up with Joe Weller in an endurance challenge, which was pretty interesting. The video itself was pretty tedious to be honest, but it’s nice to see broadcasters being given the chance to work with some exciting projects.

You may remember a while back from KSI starred on BT Sports in a segment where footballers play FIFA against him. This is just one example of the many opportunities presented to successful YouTubers. It’s something I’ve dreamed about and whether or not that will happen, only time will time.

It’s safe to say all of this success does take a lot of time and originality. Now, with so many people doing the same thing, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd on YouTube. It’s often about who you know and whether you can make something work. Many YouTubers are now establishing squads with other YouTubers to promote their content more. Having the support of others often makes the video more comical, as you have more personalities within the video.



My Trip to Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris.Paris is city filled with romance and charm, from its tourist attractions to its number of restaurants and cafés. Although we only went for four days, we felt like we had explored the city enough to get a good grasp of what Paris is all about. It’s swamped in history and the Eiffel Tower forms the largest attraction and pinnacle of the large city in France.

Travelling there was a bit of a panic for me, with my fiancée remaining calm throughout and even asking a train station worker for directions on the Metro. It’s quite hard travelling on trains and buses abroad, especially when English isn’t their first choice language. Luckily, we had the hotel staff to offer a hand when we needed it and they welcomed us with open arms when we finally arrived after an emotional breakdown in the Metro. It was hot and humid as soon as we emerged onto the street and I don’t think travelling for so long all day helped really. Another worry we had was the Eurostar and whether it would run with the problems with immigrants in Calais. Fortunately, we made it to France itself safe and sound.

We had set out a rough guideline of what to do each day, since our trip was so short and decided the best day for the Eiffel Tower was Saturday, once we had settled in for one day. Our first night was fairly relaxed, as we walked about 5 miles near the Princess Diana Memorial. If you’ve not been to Paris before, expect lots of walking and the maps might show your destinations closer than they actually are. We searched for the Louvré on that first day, just to see it and found out it was about 45-60 minutes away from our hotel on foot by Sunday, when we actually visited.

Personally, I loved the French culture and the number of cafés and restaurants with outside eating areas was a breath of fresh air in the humid heat, as the temperatures soared above 30 degrees. The cuisine was spectacular too, with food presented like art canvases on plates and it tasted delicious. My partner even said the cheeseburger she had was the best she ever tasted (a tough thing to beat).

I achieved everything I wanted to in Paris and the views offered by the Eiffel Tower are spectacular, as you can see just about every landmark. The only downside is the climb up if you choose to go by stairs like we did, which I think we slowly regretted as we reached the second floor.

I would definitely go again and I said to Steph, that maybe we should go in 5 or 10 years time as an anniversary celebration. Sometimes it’s nice to visit places you have good memories of and Paris is certainly one of them destinations. I’d love to stay for an entire 7 days next time though, but obviously have more money saved up, as everything is so expensive in Paris, with most meals costing around 40 euros each time.


Those holiday nerves

Eiffel Tower in Paris.

This Friday I go off to Paris on holiday for a long weekend, in what will be my first proper holiday since I was about 16 when I went to Ilfracombe in the UK. I’ve always relied on other transport to go on holiday rather than making my own way there by car, so I usually find myself taking a bus or train to my holiday destination. As I’m travelling with my fiancée, we decided to take the Eurostar to Paris from London. This will be my first time in Paris and using the Eurostar, so it’s safe to say I’m a bit nervous of getting on the right train and arriving on time. I’ve always been a bad traveller when it comes to holidays – as I panic about getting to places on time and making sure everything goes to plan. I’m sure Paris will, but it’s just something that builds up until I get there.

I can’t wait to go to Paris and spend four days there and I’m sure it will go too quickly for my liking, but I’m also nervous about taking the trains there. I’ve never travelled on a high speed train before and don’t know all the procedures and layout to them. I’ll be fine once I get to Paris and for coming back, but I guess it’s a sense of the unknown when you go abroad and if it happens in Paris who would you speak to and what do you say to someone who knows very little English. I’ll also be a little nervous when I first get there. Luckily our hotel speak English well, so we don’t have to learn French to check in and ask for anything like room service, but sometimes it can be daunting when you go abroad and have foreign speaking facilities in the place you’re staying.

We’re also 10 minutes from the Eiffel Tower, so it’s a tourist hotspot and from the reviews we’ve read, most speak English very well. But still I have some nerves about it all, just like you would over any new place you visit. In the UK I’m fine, but I think because it’s abroad and there are strict times to stick to I’m getting more anxious.

I’m remaining positive though and I seriously can’t wait to go. Now all what’s left to do is pack!


E3 2015: Did Microsoft impress?

E3 2015 logo

Microsoft had its E3 2015 showing on Monday night at 5:30pm (BST) and with it came a clear message that it has games to show. It was nice to have an E3 all about games and not like two years ago when it was all about next-gen consoles and not so much about new IPs and sequels.

Microsoft delivered a nice variety in titles and despite losing its rights to Call of Duty DLC first, everything seemed like a win to the company. Nothing has sparked an outrage and maybe that’s because Microsoft played it safe at E3 this year. They knew consumers wanted to see games and that’s what they delivered. Admittedly most of them also came from AAA title developers.

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My interest for food

Food burger.

I never thought I’d be interested in food so much, after never really taking an interest in it when I was a teen. I’d eat sweets and the small treats, but never really indulged in food and menus when I went out to eat. I don’t really remember when my views on food changed, but I think it was when I first met Steph and we started to try and find different places to eat, from pub food to American steakhouses.

We always try to go in different restaurants if we visit the same place again. For instance, we recently visited Skegness a couple of weeks after going before where we ate a fish and chip restaurant. The food wasn’t all that great to be fair, so we tried a restaurant near the Embassy called Meanie Babini. It was like a diner, but had a bar atmosphere and served a variety of food. They had your fish and chips and they had steaks and salads as a vegetarian option.

It was nice to enjoy food that was a bit different to what we’d normally have when we go to the seaside. The seating arrangement was nice too, it didn’t feel too isolated as there were tables around you. It wasn’t too busy when we went as the breakfast rush was just clearing up and it was changing over for dinner. We got the lovely scent of a full English breakfast as we came in and when our meals were presented to us they were beautiful. My mouth was watering at the sight. The portion size was also too much for me, but that’s no bad thing. I just think the sea air got to my stomach.

Now I love going out and looking at different foods on offer and the restaurants each town or city has. I’m keen to try new meals and new tastes just to say I’ve done that in my life.


My weight gain target

Weight gain scales.For the past couple of months I set myself the aim to gain 1 ½ stone to my body weight. I’m a naturally skinny guy, so even I’ll admit there’s not much meat to my bones. I’m okay with how I look and wouldn’t really change myself that much. No one is ever happy or confident in themselves, as there’s always one flaw we think we have in our bodies. I recently researched into my BMI (Body Mass Index), which said for my height and age, I should be looking at around 10 stone.

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