Plans for 2017

2017 New Year

First of all I would like to apologise, as I feel like I’ve neglected my blog towards the end of this year, which is such a shame. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with people on internet, so it frustrates me that I can’t keep weekly content coming up on my blog, partly because I work full time and haven’t got a working laptop currently to just sit downstairs and chill.

So the first thing I want to change is activity on here, whether that be more blog posts, features or game reviews. I aim to write at least one post every fortnight hopefully providing I can actually come up with the content ideas. One big change at the start of 2017 for me is going to be fibre optic broadband, so now I’ll have a streaming setup to work with, as I already have the consoles and PC to edit for videos and overlays. I’m really looking forward to getting more stuff up on my Twitch and YouTube. I spent quite a bit of time setting these pages up and designing the graphics to compliment, so it makes sense to use them now. You’ll probably thinking that everyone does streaming and video content now, but this is more for myself, as I’ve wanted to do it for years but never had the internet at both my parents and now my own place.

Another change I want to implement in 2017 is more work with other websites, people and companies to build my own reputation up. I already established a few relationships in the games industry, but I want to further add to that and build Complete Xbox even more in 2017. More exclusives and giveaways where I can achieve that.

If you have any suggestions on what to improve on in 2017, then please do let me know down in the comments below, as I’m happy to take on your feedback.


Introducing Complete Xbox…


So you may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog recently and that’s for one of two reasons. One being that I’ve recently left my job, so job hunting is afoot right now and two, I’ve recently launched an Xbox specialist website to cover news, reviews, previews, features and much more.

So why now? Well, I figured I’ve been absent from the scene for quite a long while now and I have to admit I’ve missed it and the discussion. I’m still gaming, maybe not as much as I used to, but I still have a good knowledge around most titles releasing today. I’ve always stayed in touch with the gaming world, so I know what’s coming out soon and the future titles in the next couple of months. Notably, there’s also a lack of Xbox dedicated sites, with most running dry these days or lacking support.

So that’s where Complete Xbox comes in. We hope to fill the void left by many media websites and cover Xbox 360 and Xbox One related content. We also aim to encourage more discussion surrounding these games, although plans on this aren’t fully drawn up yet. Social media will form a large part of this however.

To find out more about this new project or to simply support us, go to¬†We’re also looking for talented writers.