Social media becomes most popular online activity

Social media logos

In an article published today by The Guardian, it claims social media has become the most popular online activity overtaking entertainment. In the UK alone, social media accounts for almost a fifth of the two hours and 51 minutes a day people in the UK on average spend on the web.

It’s no surprise either, as social media can be dipped in and out of a lot more easily, whereas watching a YouTube video or listening to music through iTunes is more time consuming. I know for a fact when I’m on the train, I open up Twitter and have literally a quick 1-2 minute scroll through my feed to read anything of interest. Our habits are changing rapidly and we’re becoming more socially connected online.

Entertainment has fallen significantly by almost a half from 22.1% to 12.4%, which may seem surprising when most of us also watch videos and listen to music, as well as use social media. The choice of platform is also intriguing, as on mobile devices, social media accounts for more than 20% of time spent, compared to under 10% on desktop. Games are also growing in popularity 8.6% spent on mobiles, compared to 2.3% on desktop.

These figures might not shock a lot of you, but I guess the profound point to pick out from this is that we’re becoming attached to social media a lot more. It’s become something of an everyday routine checking your Facebook and Twitter feed. Not to mention websites like Reddit, which are also increasing in popularity. It’s kind of scary how much we’re using it actually because not many of us seem to be aware of our usage.

How much on average do you use social media a day?