The freedom of cooking

Stir fry chicken

I’ve recently tried to take more of an interest in cooking again and I for one love trying out new recipes. There’s something refreshing about going around the supermarket or local market buying fresh ingredients you probably wouldn’t buy on your normal weekly shop.

That’s exactly what I discovered last weekend, when we attempted to create a chicken stir fry with rainbow vegetables, soy sauces and Chinese five-spice. I’m always looking for new recipes online and my partner recently found this one through her Slimming World. It’s also Syn-free, which is a bonus for those of you that are on the slimming diet. We’re now obsessed with stir fry meals, which is surprising when I’m not a particular fan of too much veg, but I’ve found it mixes in fairly well with your choice of meat and egg noodles. We also had a go at using beef, which was just as tasty as using chicken.



Slimming World Chicken Stir Fry

I’m truly delighted that I’ve gained my interest for cooking again and hopefully it will last this time. Especially as winter is drawing nearer and I’m more likely to be trapped indoors because of the cold, dark nights.


My interest for food

Food burger.

I never thought I’d be interested in food so much, after never really taking an interest in it when I was a teen. I’d eat sweets and the small treats, but never really indulged in food and menus when I went out to eat. I don’t really remember when my views on food changed, but I think it was when I first met Steph and we started to try and find different places to eat, from pub food to American steakhouses.

We always try to go in different restaurants if we visit the same place again. For instance, we recently visited Skegness a couple of weeks after going before where we ate a fish and chip restaurant. The food wasn’t all that great to be fair, so we tried a restaurant near the Embassy called Meanie Babini. It was like a diner, but had a bar atmosphere and served a variety of food. They had your fish and chips and they had steaks and salads as a vegetarian option.

It was nice to enjoy food that was a bit different to what we’d normally have when we go to the seaside. The seating arrangement was nice too, it didn’t feel too isolated as there were tables around you. It wasn’t too busy when we went as the breakfast rush was just clearing up and it was changing over for dinner. We got the lovely scent of a full English breakfast as we came in and when our meals were presented to us they were beautiful. My mouth was watering at the sight. The portion size was also too much for me, but that’s no bad thing. I just think the sea air got to my stomach.

Now I love going out and looking at different foods on offer and the restaurants each town or city has. I’m keen to try new meals and new tastes just to say I’ve done that in my life.