Xbox One: Where are the new exclusive titles?

Xbox One exclusive titles

Last week saw the release of PlayStation 4’s Horizon Zero Dawn, yet another exclusive title locked to Sony’s console, adding to an already-growing list of brilliant games on the PS4. However, Xbox One has only seen a few exclusives launch over the last few years such as Halo Wars 2 most recently and titles such as Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 2. The most noticeable difference between the two consoles is that PlayStation 4 are pushing new franchises out completely, whereas Microsoft continue to feed off existing franchises like the Halo and Gears of War series. So why aren’t we getting more from the Xbox One?

In fact it seems like there is a deeper focus on pushing out dashboard updates which simply add a new button here and there and refinements to previous designs than there are new games coming out exclusively for the Xbox One. It’s fair to say the console suffered a lot from launch, what with its lack of 1080p natively running games and even now, we’re still seeing a lot of titles launch below this benchmark. Great games can still launch without spectacular performance, but when today’s standard is starting to exceed 1080p resolution now, you would expect most titles to be running at this with a decent frame rate as well.

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The progression of Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved logo.

Regular viewers to Twitch will know that Ark: Survival Evolved has become the third most popular game this week, with thousands of viewers flocking to see the dinosaur-filled open world. The game has been welcomed by most players, as a Jurassic Park-inspired open world bash.

The premise of the game has you avoiding the predators such as T-Rexs and taming dinosaurs as mounts. You can tame every dinosaur in the game and use them to your own good, for carrying items and getting around the world in a safer and quicker manner. The progress of the game largely rests on the players involved in the early access stages. I’ve provided a few of my ideas for the game’s progression below.


So far I’ve only witnessed one large base built by a Twitch community of gamers, but there needs to be more offered in terms of beginning building. As soon as you start, it would be great if you could pick up a few stones and twigs and construct a basic house. As you progress, this could then be upgraded using metal sheets, which don’t decay, whilst wooden huts could decay over time. If you’ve played Rust before, you’ll be familiar with this idea of decay.

Furniture to decorate your houses might also be another good idea for Ark: Survival Evolved. I’m not talking kitchen sets and lounges, but a basic stone chair to stay in the theme of dinosaurs or maybe some dinosaur heads to adorn the walls. I’m picturing a walkway formed of T-Rex heads placed on spikes to warn off incoming invaders.


Adding new species of dinosaurs is vital to Ark, as it needs to remain fresh to the player and offer a challenge. So far the world has a nice variety, but there’s only one species of flying dinosaur, which won’t keep many hunters going for long if they can only capture and tame one species from each category. Even if the developers have to go off factual roads, they can still invent new ones. I think with this sort of title it doesn’t matter how much it sticks to the facts. The main thing to an open world game like this is to keep content fresh.


In other respects to new content, weapons will be vital for Ark’s progession, as guns and melee weapons will make the game feel more competitive and not like a zoo for taming animals and making bases with a community. There are currently weapons to kill other players, but most players seem to be more interested in taming different species of dinosaurs currently. It will be interesting to see when this attitude changes.


With the introduction of weapons, you’ll be needing armour to protect yourself from enemy attacks and aggressive dinosaurs. Even aesthetic clothing will be interesting, just to make your character unique and stand out. It will also be helpful for identifying each other, maybe your tribe wears red hats.


A PvP mode or more support for Tribes (Factions) would be an interesting one. Competitive play always helps the game to evolve more such as ARMA 3, which saw the Battle Royale mod release and with it came a competitive streak of players. I don’t want to see this come to Ark, as it isn’t required, but maybe a mode where you spawn as a tribe and have to protect your base from a rival tribe.

Generally speaking, the way the game shapes up will largely decide if I buy the game on Xbox One. I want to see frequent updates like Minecraft, tinkering with the game and making it feel fresh every week. I think PC players love that about early access, they get to fall in love with a game and see it grow into a full release title.


It’s E3 Day!


Today marks the start of one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world, E3 2014. After last year’s conference who knows what this year’s will hold, but a new generation of consoles is likely to spell out a lot of new titles shown to the public.

Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been a mass of speculation about titles such as Mirrors Edge 2, a new Crackdown title and who knows what else. If there’s a long awaited sequel, then it’s probably popped up somewhere in an E3 rumour post.

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