Why I love gaming fan art

By zhangc.
By zhangc.

I’ve always been creative, but never possessed the skills to do anything artistic in terms of drawing. Sure, I can design logos and the basic design work, but when it comes to doing something scratch like a concept piece, my skills lack. I’ve always admired gaming fan art and the artists that do these pieces, as they not only look fantastic but show a passion for a game franchise.

I guess what I really like is the amount of detail people put into this artwork. From elements of the game, even when it’s not even been released yet, so most of it is going off trailers only. If you go on my desktop background you’ll always find some fan art on there. At the moment it’s Fallout 4, since that’s the most recent. I also love the art style, as many adopt their own separate from the game and make their work look unique. For example, if you look at the below piece for Telltale’s The Walking Dead, it’s set out like a comic strip, which is ironic because the franchise originates from a comic.

The Walking Dead fan art.
By LadyRedDarkness.

Fan art captures the franchises and worlds we love, with the addition of imagination to come up with an idea of what to include in the picture. They can even tell stories, which is why they’re such a powerful tribute to a video game. One of my particular favourite artists is PatrickBrown – you should really check out his work if you love games and movies, as he’s done some amazing pieces with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Last of Us.

The Las of Us Remastered fan art.
By PatrickBrown

Fan art also makes for an amazing poster, with a lot of artists offering prints of their work, so all you need to do is add a nice frame to them.


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