Xbox One: Where are the new exclusive titles?

Xbox One exclusive titles

Last week saw the release of PlayStation 4’s Horizon Zero Dawn, yet another exclusive title locked to Sony’s console, adding to an already-growing list of brilliant games on the PS4. However, Xbox One has only seen a few exclusives launch over the last few years such as Halo Wars 2 most recently and titles such as Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 2. The most noticeable difference between the two consoles is that PlayStation 4 are pushing new franchises out completely, whereas Microsoft continue to feed off existing franchises like the Halo and Gears of War series. So why aren’t we getting more from the Xbox One?

In fact it seems like there is a deeper focus on pushing out dashboard updates which simply add a new button here and there and refinements to previous designs than there are new games coming out exclusively for the Xbox One. It’s fair to say the console suffered a lot from launch, what with its lack of 1080p natively running games and even now, we’re still seeing a lot of titles launch below this benchmark. Great games can still launch without spectacular performance, but when today’s standard is starting to exceed 1080p resolution now, you would expect most titles to be running at this with a decent frame rate as well.

I’ve been a fan of the Xbox franchise for many years now, partly for the introduction of titles like Halo, Forza and Gears of War. However, the shine and sparkle of these franchises are starting to dull and I feel like it’s time for something new to be introduced and hopefully kick off another franchise to run over the next few years. After all, when the next iteration line of consoles launch (8K or beyond that resolution perhaps?) I want to see new remastered titles launching on that hardware which I remember starting up on the Xbox One and not the Xbox 360.

Xbox One vs PS4 exclusives
A comparison of the Xbox One and PS4 exclusives over the past couple of years.


The recent launch of ReCore was one title I particularly enjoyed and the first in a long while on Xbox (and PC) that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing and would love to see return as a sequel. I’ve reached a point in gaming now, where I want to see things new and not play the same thing all the time. The same genre is fine, but when you play new titles in a long running franchise, you want them to feel like a brand new game and not a piece of downloadable content for the previous title.

I believe Microsoft’s key to work towards this is working with new development studios or hoping that their existing ones decide to take a shot into the unknown and come up with a completely brand new world, filled with a deep back-story and characters you’ll grow to love in a sequel of games. Mass Effect did this particularly well and I really feel like the hard work that has gone into Horizon Zero Dawn is close to that of Mass Effect or at least is building towards the depth and size of it in the next few years if they decide to do another title.

Let me know your thoughts on the Xbox One line-up of games in the comments down below. Are you starting to get bored of seeing the same old franchises release new games?


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