Good Day All,

My name is James. Aside from my passion for blogging, I’m also a dedicated gamer. I get into different things as they come out, but the Fallout series and old school Nazi Zombies will always have my heart. Being a blogger, I’ve developed a social media habit and I enjoy keeping up appearances and checking out the newest this and that. I live in the digital world, writing, drawing and socializing.I was born in Colorado, but slid over to California after getting my Information Technologies degree from Forbes. As an only child, I developed a highly extraverted personality, which makes blogging and social media the perfect platforms from which to spread the knowledge I’ve gained so far, while networking and making connections that help me continue to learn.I have a super laid-back personality, so I tend not to argue when I get into topics like preferred gaming systems or best software for whatever. I enjoy hearing the benefits of each person’s preferences, and I try to focus on the positive aspects of available software in my blogs.Other than that, I’m just a computer nerd from Small Town, Colorado who always wears a smile. I hope you guys enjoy my blog and be sure to check out the links provided. I try to only reference quality resources in my writing.Thanks for taking the time to check me out. Feel free to contact me and check out some of the posts we have up so far.J.J