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Do I need an antivirus for my Windows 10?

You don’t have to install an antivirus in Windows 10 because it has a built-in antivirus known as Windows Defender. This antivirus is quite good in protecting your PC. However, you need to regularly update the antivirus to make sure that it remains active and updated.

Some people prefer running a Malwarebytes alongside the antivirus for maximum protection. With Windows Defender your PC is protected against any computer virus. However, there are other active threats such as spyware, crapware, adware and ransomware that can damage your computer. Malwarebytes not only protects your computer against malware but also cleans up an infected computer. The good news is that there is a Mac version of Malwarebytes to keep your computer safe.
Upon installing Windows 10, you will be having an antivirus program already running to scan any programs you open, provide an interface you can use when performing in-depth scans and download new definitions from windows update. Windows Defender does not slow down your system and it stays out of your way while using your computer, unlike most antivirus programs.

The main question is whether Windows Defender is a reliable antivirus program. The antivirus is good enough especially if it is used alongside an anti-malware program.

It is important to rely on Windows Defender rather than other antivirus programs. This is because most antivirus programs have the following limitations:

  • Have browser extensions that make your computer less safe while browsing
  • Have loads of unsafe junkware
  • Have numerous registry cleaners that are terrible and unnecessary
  • Some have the ability to track down your browsing habits so that they can make money

Windows Defender keeps your PC secure without getting into your way or affecting your computer. In addition, Windows 10 have other types of protection that were introduced in Windows 8 to keep you safe. Some of these features include the SmartScreen filter that prevents you from either downloading or running malware. Google Chrome and Firefox, on the other hand, have Google Safe Browsing that helps you block many malware downloads while browsing.